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Spanish and Welsh Travel

Five different species of Eagle in a week. Great back roads and lost villages. Gorges and Castles, Cathedrals and the best food. The bird watching is just a good excuse for a great time in Northern Spain. 

A selection of the best in Spain from Avila to Cordoba or Olite to Zamora. There are so many fabulous places to go and see. 

Follow the route of Wellingtons battles from the lines of Torres Vedras to the Arapiles (this photo) the site of the battle of Salamanca.

self-guided Tour itineraries 

Tour Itineraries are tailored to the group or individual using a detailed questionnaire. Each day has a route or routes with detours to great places or roads. Where to eat and where to stay. A Michelin map is provided with the routes highlighted. £15/day of Itinerary (e.g. 3 people in group = £5/day. I use my extensive know;edge from 40 years of exploring Iberia.



"Well, all settled back here and off to boring reality in Manchester tomorrow..ugh! It was a great week and life seems quite flat away from our merry routine of seeing and experiencing so much. I thought that without any doubt it was a really excellent week and your knowledge of the area, the history and your considerable Naturalists talents all gave a dimension to it that we would have missed completely on our own. Hasta Luego."

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