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Writing Your Adventure


Leaving the small mountain village I was followed by an old man with no helmet on a rackety scooter.  I stopped on the outskirts to check my map.  He drew up beside me. It was only my second day in Spain and my Spanish had not leafed up, but managed a greeting though I couldn’t understand the sentences he mumbled through rather bad teeth. I fell back on saying that I was from Wales and that I was going to Nájera.  He repeated what seemed a question, I shrugged and said no thank you and goodbye and went on my way.  Miles later the words he spoke had come to life; what an opportunity missed, he had been asking me if I wanted something to eat.  He must have seen me trying the door of the closed up bar, jumped on his scooter and come after me… years later I still regret that I was bit tense, a bit wary and wasn’t ready to work it out properly.

Travel with openness, travel with trust…

Coming soon –  Writing Your Adventure – A brief guide to travel writing for the adventurous.  For more details go to

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