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Why I do it

This week I have been slogging away trying to sell my books about Spain at the NEC Birmingham, it is hard on my feet my throat and my brain but I am passionate about Spain and what I have found there, I want other people to also find that rich experience. In response to my ‘winge’ on my Facebook Author page ( about the world, and how hard it is selling books a friend I have never met replied, and this makes it all worthwhile and has given me a real boost that will carry me through the last 3 days of the Show.

David S Lewis Your book had a rather profound effect on me and I turned that effect into a retirement goal. So here I sit on my balcony in Nerja nearing the end of almost 3 months riding our bike in Europe (mostly Spain but France & Portugal too). After exploring all our options we decided to fly our bike (& trailer) to Madrid from Halifax, Nova Scotia and escape the Canadian winter for just a little bit longer this year. You, Duncan, are the one that put this crazy idea in my head and my wife Annette and I just want to say thank you so very much for the inspiration and memories we shall treasure for the rest of our lives.

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