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Serving the community is a pleasure.

What a glorious morning to be serving the community.  7.30 am and the air is as clean and fresh as spring water.  I breath deep as I spur my steed up the road to Bronglais Hospital, Accident and Emergency.  There I pick up urgent Insulin supplies for Tregaron Hospital which is about 20 miles Inland.  Paperwork signed and the special red bag safely stowed on Elsa I gather the reins and off we go.

Elsa is Blood Bikes Wales, 1200cc Triumph Trophy, generously bought for us by Aberystwyth Lions.  Smart in her reflective decals, keen in her strong engine and freshly shod for free by Cambrian Tyres.

The early sun sparkles dew drops and brings warmth to the dawn air, though I have put on the comfy heated grips.  Turning onto the B roads at Llanfarian we pick up our heels.  Yesterdays steady rain has mostly washed the road clean though I am wary of the odd wash-out of gravel.  As we head mountainward there are odd pockets of mist and eventually fog that calls for greater care.  The scents of morning colour the ride; sweet wood smoke, some newly lit coal fire and twice a helpful smell of cow shit warning of farm waste on the road.  Out here cars and landrovers seem to habitually use all the road, and drive fast, so I am kept from spending too much time watching the mist banks unroll the scenery.

I give thanks for I wouldn’t be out this early in the morning, enjoying the challenges of the road, feeling the sweep of corners and thrill of riding a big motorbike if it was not for my Blood Bike duty shift.

At the small Tregaron Hospital my delivery is made and someone’s medical needs are met.  Here is that extra bit of pleasure in the morning;  saving the NHS the cost of a 40 mile taxi, quickly and securely delivering important drugs for an unknown patient.  Serving my community as Biker.



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