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Life just keeps getting faster!

As I get older things seem to be happening at double speed. Of course trying to start a new career when within months of turning 60 might have something to do with it. Writing is intensive and unrelenting, deadlines that seem far away are suddenly next week. Shows and events need to be paid for to sell books and spread the word…

Things were getting busy with preparations for the Manchester Bike Show, not just accommodation, travel, picking up more stock of my book but also building a wheeled ‘dolly’ to move the books to the stand space, which then turns onto one side to make the book stand. Then all of a sudden I am off to Spain for two nights to help someone rent a house. Stanstead Airport in two days time (which happens to be right across the country). Then the news that the New Revised Edition of my book ‘Back Roads of Spain’ will be delivered on a pallet a week Monday.


And today I find my article on Spain beautifully laid out in Motorcycle Sport and Leisure, premier Bike magazine in the UK.

The February issue of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure is on sale now, and includes… NEW: News: New British sports bikes • Subscribe and save money • Letters:…


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