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After meeting such great travellers as Ted Simon and Sam Manicom at The Overland Event I felt a re-blog of these thoughts was worth it.

Where is your edge?  How far do you go?  What happens if you lose your edge?

There are the edges which define an entity and there are the edges that give an advantage.  The edge of skill and the edge of experience, the edge of life and the edge of self, these are closely woven together.  I believe we select band, of men and women that ride motorbikes, generally know a bit more about edges than the commonality.

The Skill edge is the real or imagined to be real, limit of your own bravery; in life and in the riding of your motorbike.  It seems to me that most humans instinctively make every effort to surround themselves with boundary cushions.  Of course this is the basis of ‘society’.  Though there are free spirits that, like the mountain men of the Old West are always in search of a new horizon…

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