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I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  Your own sketches add a huge amount of personality to the book and do enhance it a lot.   I also feel you give just enough background history to give the places visited context - and not too much.  

When reading the book, one knows that all of the places to visit are recommended in the location and so if it was me, I would want to travel with your book in my tank bag alongside all the other necessities of travel.


Many thanks, the book arrived safely and is being appreciated with a great glass of Spanish wine whilst basking in the Sketches of Spain



I have read your new book and as always found it excellent. I can’t wait to travel to Spain and follow the routes etc.

The book was filled with good tips and advice.


“Look left at roundabouts”  So simple



Been using this book to plan a trip, it's a great book, I love the hand-drawn maps, very much like the Wainwright guides of the English Lakes, the book is a fountain of knowledge for anybody looking to travel in Spain.  

Stuártvár Ingi Gráhámson 


Spain like a cut gem has many facets, its regions are full of surprise, history and wonder. Taking a road trip through the country will reward in so many ways, but if you’ve never travelled there before and wish to discover what the various provinces have in store - a good guide is just as essential as your passport and an up to date map.

Which brings me to ‘Sketches of Spain’ written by Duncan Gough - a seasoned traveller for more than 30 years across the Iberian Peninsula, his narrative will inform and guide you into many of the interesting and sometimes overlooked areas, while the detailed descriptions entice you to go and explore for yourself.

The emphasis throughout the guide is on ‘adventure’, it's all about discovering the less travelled back roads away from the areas favoured by the turistas, so if you want to broaden your horizons and experience the real Spain, then Duncan's 'Sketches of Spain' should be your companion, it sweeps you gently along and visually records in detail some of the less travelled routes as well as the sights ‘worth a look’ in the more interesting cities.

His in-depth knowledge of the country will inspire you to go and seek your own back road escapade - but what roads do you take?  

‘Sketches of Spain’ will suggest the more engaging routes.


What comes across as you peruse the pages is a very personal view of España with sketches, diagrams and maps all drawn by hand which undoubtedly lend a certain distinctive quality to the book.

Duncan writes from the seat of a motorcycle, with a passion and a love of the country and its people, its pages are a mix of route advice, historical facts, bird observation and local cuisine together with advice on hostels and campsites, all interspersed with pictorial snapshots of the country.

With general advice on riding, legal requirements and ferry ports as well as a basic Spanish/English translation you have a ready reference of essentials to get you started. 

‘Sketches of Spain’ is the kind of travelogue you can scan from cover to cover or simply dip into and select what interests you, but whichever way you choose to read - may I suggest a soundtrack of some background flamenco guitar, which will set the mood and allow you to immerse yourself in this colourful portrait of Spain.  

Peter Dempster

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