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The Catalan Pyrenees and in particular the Ara de Lleida is a travellers paradise.  In this book, I cover how to get there from the ferry ports at Santander and Bilbao with interesting things to see on the way. With many of my hand-drawn maps and sketches, I take you round hundreds of kilometres of back roads and introduce you to the history and beauty of the area. The routes are also useful for a visit to Barcelona that does not involve the Motorways of the Ebro valley.

Back Road Routes of the Catalan Pyrenees No 2 - La Seu D'Urgell to Solsona is the details on a fabulous 92 km ride.

With hand-drawn maps and sketches, photos and a personal approach that will bring the experience of this route alive.

Well here I am in deepest Cardiganshire


Travelling the real Spain

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